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Mink Lashes

Mink lashes Extensions

Today we’re gonna talk about mink lashes extensions! You have probably heard the term “mink eyelashes” before. This can be a little bit confusing, since the term is used both for faux and real mink lashes. In this blog post, we will explain to you the difference between different mink lash types. We will also briefly go through the differences of silk and mink eyelashes.

We sell the best quality synthetic premade lash fans, which are 100% cruelty free. Our products don’t include animal-based ingredients. In the eyelash extension market, there is a lot of different options available including real ones, and in this post we will tell you a little bit more about the pros of using synthetic-material lashes instead of real mink lash extensions.

Mink lashes Extensions

What are mink lashes and what are they made of?

The real mink lashes are taken from the fur of mink. According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the conditions for producing mink eyelashes are extremely cruel. Animals are usually kept in small cages, which is not a natural living condition for minks. The mink lash business is certainly not something you would want to promote or support through your own lash business.

The companies selling real mink products often promote their products as ”cruelty-free”, which is most likely not true. The hair is collected from animals just before or after killing the animal. The animal cruelty is not the only problem, which comes with the real animal ones. Mink lashes are not very suitable for eyelash extensions because the mink hair is very sturdy and not flexible without curling. The real mink lash extensions don’t hold their curl, which means an eyelash perm needs to be made after attaching the lashes to natural lashes, or otherwise your client would have to curl them at home. One of the cons of using mink extensions is also the possibility of an allergic reaction since animal-based products are more likely to cause allergic reaction than synthetic products. Mink eyelashes are extremely expensive, and not widely available anymore. This is because the eyelash industry has taken huge steps during the years, and better options (like our synthetic mink pre-made fans) are available.

cruelty free mink lashes

Classic mink lash extensions and volume mink lash extensions

Classic mink lash extensions are applied individually to every natural lash. This is also known as 1-to-1 technique. Compared to the volume technique, this creates a little bit more natural look. Classic extensions are a perfect choice, if you are going for a more natural and light look. Classic lashes are also perfect for clients who have a lot of natural lashes, but don’t want too heavy result. Using volume lashes for a client who has a lot of natural lashes but wants a natural result, might lead to a little bit too dramatic result. The diameter used for classic technique is usually 0.10mm to 0.15mm, but you can create an extremely natural result by using 0,07mm lashes with the classic method.

The most common type of lashes nowadays are volume lashes. This means that multiple thin eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash in the shape of a fan. The most common diameter of lashes used for volume technique is 0,03mm to 0,07mm. You choose the thickness of the lashes depending on your clients natural lash strength and personal desires about the wanted result. Volume mink lash extensions can be applied by using separate 0.03-0.07mm lash extensions and creating fans by hand – but we have a better option for you! It is quicker and more cost-efficient. Sounds good, right?
We offer a wide selection of pre-made fans, which can be used to create perfect volume lashes in a shorter time compared to hand-made fans.

What are faux mink lashes?

Faux mink lashes are made of synthetic material called PTB (polybuthylene terephtalate), which was first invented to use in textiles. Today, it is used for many everyday items because of its excellent features. It is flexible, but holds its shape very well, which makes it perfect for eyelash extensions.

High-grade synthetic mink fibers don’t cause irritation and are safe to use near eyes. These lashes are the most comfortable type of lash fibers, since they are extremely flexible, lightweight and soft. PTB as a material, is perfect for eyelashes also because of its durability. This means that faux mink lashes are not animal-based and made of high-quality plastic.

We deeply recommend using faux/synthetic mink lashes instead of real mink fur lashes. Continue reading to the next chapter to learn why!

Individual mink lashes

Individual mink lashes are applied during the process of making classic eyelash extensions. Individual lashes are available in many different curls, lengths and thicknesses. Some years ago, it was very usual to use 0.20-0.25mm diameter lashes, but nowadays the used range is mostly from 0.03mm to 0.15mm.

Individual lashes can be used for classic lash extensions, but also for hand-made volume fans. They are sold in strips, where you can pick one or multiple lashes with your tweezers depending on your technique.

3D mink lashes

3D mink lashes are used in making of volume lashes. 3D means 3-dimensional, which means three individual lash extensions are used to create a fan, which is applied to one natural lash. You can find these lashes in many different fan sizes – we offer lashes from 2D up to 12D mega volume fans.

An important thing to consider when buying pre-made 3D lashes is the base of the fans. Too wide base leads often to lower retention and too heavy-looking result. Our pre-made fans are developed with extra love and knowledge, so they are optimal for being glued to the natural lash.

Mink vs. silk lashes

Silk lashes are usually synthetic just like faux mink lashes. They are not made of real silk, but are made to imitate silky texture. What comes to the difference between faux mink and silk – the texture of mink is usually matte or satin and silk is more glossy. This makes the result on lashes look slightly different. The cons of using synthetic silk lashes instead of synthetic mink is that they might have a little bit lower retention compared to mink eyelash extensions. This is because the glossier surface of the lash, where the glue won’t stick as well as on porous matte surface. On the other hand, the mink and silk lashes are very similar-looking. You can probably spot the difference but your client might not be able to notice a difference between different synthetic lash types.

Both of the synthetic options – silk and mink – are definitely better options compared to the real animal ones discussed earlier in this post. They are safe, hold their curl and do not pose as big allergy risk as the real ones made of animal.

mink lashes

Mink lashes vs. synthetic lashes

As you have maybe though during reading this blog post, there is hundreds of reasons to use synthetic mink lashes instead of real ones. Of course the main reason is to not support business directly connected to animal cruelty and instead using safe and stable materials for your clients.

Synthetic lashes include faux mink lashes and silk lashes. You can buy synthetic lashes in all kinds of curls, lenghts and thickesses, but also in different fan-sizes, if you are buying pre-made fans.

On top of the animal-rights question, real mink lashes have multiple different things to be considered. They might include an allergy risk for your client. Mink lashes are also a little bit more work for your client, since they need to be curled and don’t hold their curl. Synthetic lashes are also a lot cheaper option, which gives you an opportunity to offer affordable but high-quality lash services in your salon. Synthetic lashes hold their curl, are relatively safe to use and very durable and light on natural lashes.

What are the best mink lash extensions?

We are very proud of our products, but let me explain to you why our pre-made fans are the best ones on the eyelash market. The main qualities of good eyelash extensions are durability and safety. Our pre-made fans hold their curl perfectly, which makes them last beautiful on your client until the next refill. Our products are made of very high-quality synthetic materials, and are 100% cruelty-free!

If you have any questions about our products – please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service! We will be more than happy to tell you more about our products. We also offer mink lashes wholesale prices!

Mink lashes vendors

Nowadays you’ll find a lot of mink lashes vendors in the professional eyelash business. There is a wide variety of online shops, which are offering different kinds of mink lash materials. You can recognize a good eyelash vendor by taking a look on their website. They will have informative product pages, so you will know if the products are mink, silk, synthetic etc. You can certainly recognize a professional vendor by informative website, which gives you all the needed information about the products you are buying.

We have a long history as eyelash product vendors, and a lot of experience from the eyelash industry. Our goal is to be the most trustful and innovative partner for our customers. We have already more than 1000 clients that have started their own mink lashes businesses around the world with our help. The key to starting an succesful eyelash business is of course to have high-quality products.

We are looking forward cooperating with you and helping you boost your business with our amazing products! You can find all our eyelash extensions supplies from here.


How to remove mink lashes?

The glue used for eyelash extensions is usually made of cyanoacrylate and colourants. You will need an eyelash extension remover to remove extensions safely. Never pull or rip the lashes from the natural lash, since this can cause severe damage to the natural lashes.

Where do mink lashes come from?

Long story short – the synthetic mink is made of plastic and the real mink lashes are taken out of animals fur. Our pre-made fans are synthetic and made out of a material called PBT.

Are mink lashes made of animal fur?

Yes. There are still some vendors selling mink lashes made of real animal fur. You will find a lot of products that are sold under the name of mink lashes, but are still synthetic because the term ”mink” has taken root in the eyelash industry.

Do Mink eyelashes damage my natural lashes?

If applied correctly, the mink eyelashes do not damage natural lashes. Always go to a qualified and trained lash artist to ensure they can choose correct lenght and thickness for your natural lashes.

Are minks killed for mink eyelashes?

In some cases, yes. According to PETA, the real mink eyelashes are taken out of the fur just before or after killing the animal. Remember that the word ”mink lashes” is also used for a specific type of synthetic lashes, which imitate real ones. Our synthetic lashes are 100% cruelty-free.

Are mink lashes real?

There are different types of mink lashes. There are still some vendors selling real animal ones, but we do not recommend using these type of lashes. We recommend synthetic, which have better qualities and are safer to use!