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Hybrid Lashes

What are hybrid lashes? What could be better than the soft fluffiness of volume lashes or the textured and more natural look of classic lashes? These two combined to one lash set of course! Hybrid lashes are made using both, volume fans and single classic lashes. With them you get the best of both worlds, […]

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Mink Lashes

What are Mink Lashes and what are they made of? You have probably heard the term “mink eyelashes” before. But what does it really mean? Are they cruelty free? Mink lashes are made of synthetic material called PTB (polybuthylene terephtalate), which was first invented to use in textiles. Today, it is used for many everyday […]

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Russian Volume Lashes

Luscious russian volume lashes are no longer the beauty secret of 90’s models or the Kardashians. Eyelash extensions have evolved over the decades and are now as easy to achieve as a manicure. More and more salons are offering eyelash extensions and many lash technicians have received Russian volume eyelash extension training to ensure high […]