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Hybrid Lashes

What are hybrid lashes?

What could be better than the soft fluffiness of volume lashes or the textured and more natural look of classic lashes? These two combined to one lash set of course!

Hybrid lashes are made using both, volume fans and single classic lashes. With them you get the best of both worlds, and it is especially great for those clients with sparse natural lashes. With hybrid, it is possible to add a little bit of density to the lashes, without going too far with the volume lashes.


Hybrid lash extensions

A lot of clients dream about lashes that are more natural-looking, but still dramatic. You might have heard the term ”Kardashian lashes” before, and the best way to achieve this look is to go with the hybrid option. With hybrid lashes, you can achieve the trending wispy and spiky look what Kardashian lashes are all about. If your client wishes the same result as using strip eyelashes, hybrids are the easiest way to achieve the wispy and textured look needed!

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Hybrid lashes vs classic lashes

Your client might wish more volume and density to their lash set, but still without too much volume. With hybrid fans, it is easy to add more volume step by step, without accidentally adding too much thickness to the set. It is a great way to test out volume lashes or making a natural change towards more dense look. If your clients have spots with less natural lashes in the lash line, it is easy to fix with hybrid fans. You can add volume fans or hybrid fans to fade these spots.

Hybrid lashes vs volume lashes

A full volume set is known for a very thick and dramatic result, and it is also a bit more expensive compared to a full set of classic lashes. If your client with classic lashes wishes a fuller look, you can offer them hybrid lashes as an option. It gives an slight addition to the volume, but without having to pay for the full volume set. If you are making volumes with hand-made volume fans, hybrids are also a quicker option. But in this case, we truly recommend you to explore our wide variety of pre-made lash products, including pre-made russian and hybrid fans.

Hybrid lashes full set

Having a wider selection of different options for your clients is an advantage for your business. Most of the eyelash artists offer only classic and volume lashes, but adding hybrid lashes sure is a way to expand your customer base! You don’t need a special training to create hybrid lash sets. To be able to create hybrid lashes, you need to have basic level knowledge and expertise with eyelash extensions. By using our products, not even the knowledge of volume technique is necessarily needed because we offer you the best-quality pre-made hybrid and volume-fans. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

How long do hybrid fans last?

They typically last the same amount of time as your natural lash cycle. It is recommended to fill the lashes every 3 to 5 weeks. Hybrid fans might not need a refill as often as regular classic lashes, since the lash line is a bit more dense due to volume fans.

How to apply hybrid lashes?

As a lash artist, you have multiple options if you wish to start offering your clients hybrid extensions. You can of course use hand-made fans and single classic lashes to create a hybrid set, but we offer you the simplest, quickest and easiest way!

You can use our regular pre-made volume fans and mix them with classic eyelash extensions, which makes the process faster than using hand-made fans. And because we are the most innovative operator in the eyelash extension industry, we have developed the easiest way to create a hybrid set – our hybrid pre-made fans!

Hybrid eyelashes mapping

kardashian lash map

You might have heard the term ”mapping” before. By mapping, we mean planning and mapping the wanted result before even starting with the lashes. To achieve the desired look, we suggest you to do lash mapping before starting. Especially when you are trying to achieve that spiky and wispy look, mapping might make it easier. We have created these beautiful maps for you to try. You can use our pre-made hybrid fans for the whole set, or adjust the fluffiness by adding regular pre-made volume fans to the shorter lashes. The first one is for a more dramatic, perfect for clients looking for the Kardashian-style result.

Our own lashes are naturally different lengths because every lash is in its own growth phase. You can also use hybrid lashes for imitating a natural look with different lengths. The second map is perfect for those seeking a natural and less uniform result compared to volume lashes.

To achieve these looks easily, we suggest you to use our high-quality pre-made hybrid fans. You can also use our pre-made volume fans by combining them into one set with regular classic lashes.

hybrid lash map

Best hybrid lashes

The newest addition to our wide family of premade fans are heat bonded hybrid fans. Our 5D hybrid fans include four thin 0.07mm lashes divided to two on both sides and one 0.15mm lash placed in the middle of the fan. Our hybrid pre-made fans are knot-free, like all of our high quality eyelash extensions supplies.

We currently offer 5D hybrid fans in C and D-curl. Lengths are available from 8mm to 15mm. Our hybrid fans are heat-bonded, which means even though they are pre-made and easy to use, the amount of glue used stays the same.

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