Privacy Policy

Register Controller

Fluffy Lashes LTD
Reg. code 12683085
Liimi 1 – 609
10621 Tallinn

Contact person in matters pertaining to the register

Reino Simpanen

Name of register

Fluffy Lashes LTD customer register

Purpose of handling personal information

The personal data included in the register will be used to process orders, payments, account management, as well as for sharing information related to the customer relationship.

Description of data held by register

The identifying information for each individual (name, address, country, phone number and email)

For registered clients, user ID and password

For persons having made purchases, the data relating to that specific purchase regarding the purchased products, IP-address as well as the billing and address details pertaining to each specific order

The messaging history for each account (email messages)

Compliant data sources

The information is gathered directly from the client at the time of registering, making an order/purchase, through each clients’ own account, and in the events a client is in touch with our customer service either via phone or via email or via chat.

Compliant access to data

We may be required to hand out essential information to third parties in certain situations to guarantee safe delivery of orders as well as for marketing purposes. Access to information can also be granted to authorities given the legal basis for such requests is valid and compliant with legislative limitations, for instance in order to investigate potential wrongdoing.

Transfer of data outside of the EU/ETA area

Data can be transferred outside of the EU/ETA are in accordance with the limitations set forth by by the respective local authorities and legislation.

The principles of data protection within the register

The personal data stored in the register will be stored as confidential. The access to the register is limited so that only employees who have been so authorised and have a specific need per the nature of their work tasks to have access to the personal data register. The personnel with access to the register are not authorised to disclose any of the personal data stored to any third parties or individuals outside of the company, or employees who do not have the authorisation to access such data within the company.

The register’s data is stored in a system which requires the use of personal login information. The system is protected by a firewall and other technical safeguards. The login information needed for accessing the system are only shared with employees on a need-to-know basis to personnel employed by the register controller.

Right to Access

A client has the right to request what personal information has been collected and retained by the register and from where this information is gathered, for what the data is being used for, and to where it is shared to.

Right to Correct

A client may update their own contact information at the Fluffy Lashes LTD website or by contacting our customer service. The removal or correction of personal data can also be requested from our customer service (info [at], or (+372) 58895795). In addition, such personal data may be removed in the event a client is found to have committed an act of wrongdoing or is found to exercise criminal activity or other prohibited activities using the services provided.

Other rights pertaining to personal data handling

A registered user may request their personal information to not be used for marketing. Such objections may be directed directly at our customer service (info [at], or (+372) 58895795).


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