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5D Hybrid Fans

15,00 18,00 €

USD ≈ 15.80 $
GBP ≈ 12.99 £
AUD ≈ 24.71 $
CAD ≈ 21.50 $

NEW product 5D Pre-made Hybrid Lash Extensions – Classic and Volume techniques combined into one set! Our premade Hybrid Fans are HEAT BONDED, therefore no glue added. Please see product description below.

One 5D Hybrid tray has 176 Fans – Only €0.085 Per One Fan!

Buy 10 trays or more of your preferred eyelash extensions and FedEx International shipping will be free! Estimated delivery time 1-4 days worldwide!


5D Hybrid Premade Fans

5D Hybrid Premade Fans are combined of four 0.07mm and one 0.15mm lash. The thickest 0.15mm lash is in the middle and two 0.07mm lashes are on both side. The hybrid fans are well suited for clients who are used to classic eyelash extensions but want more volume or the clients who are not sure yet if they are ready for the ultimate volume set should try this style first. A hybrid set of lash extensions are the perfect blend of fluffy and subtle lashes.

Hybrid lashes give an interesting uneven outstanding look. This is the latest trend in the eyelash world and really popular with a number of public figures, such as the Kardashian. Therefore this eyelash style is also known as “Kim K Lashes”, “wispy lashes” and “spiky lashes”.

Volume: 5D

Length: 8 – 15mm

Curl type: C, D

Thickness: 0.07 – 0.15 – 0.07

One hybrid lash tray has 16 lines and each line has 11 pre-made rootless wide fans.

Our Hybrid eyelashes are KNOT-FREE.

Heat Bonded – No Glue added.