4D Rootless Wide Fans


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Fluffy Lashes 4D Volume Rootless Wide Fans consist of four ultra-thin and extremely lightweight pre-fanned lashes HEAT BONDED on the sticker strip, no glue added. Please see product description below.

One 4D Rootless Volume Tray has 176 Fans – Only €0.073 Per One Fan!

Buy 10 trays or more of your preferred eyelash extensions and FedEx International shipping will be free! Estimated delivery time 1-4 days worldwide!




4D (W-Lash) Rootless Wide Fans

Heat Bonded 4D Volume  Lashes Rootless Wide Fans are more open than regular fans and therefore our wide fans will create a soft and feathery overall look. Our wide fans have very small rootless thin bottom, fans are heat bonded so there are no glue. Therefore they connect with natural lash very well and lash connection points are seamless and look very natural on eyes.

Volume: 4D 

Length: 8 – 16mm

Curl type: D, J

Thickness: 0.07 mm

One 4D Volume Eyelash tray has 16 lines and each line has 11 pre-made rootless wide fans.

Our 4D Volume Lashes are KNOT-FREE.

Heat Bonded – No Glue added.

One 4D Rootless Volume Tray has 176 Fans – Only €0.073 Per One Fan!