What are premade fans?

Premade fans are volume lashes where the first and most difficult step of crafting volume fans by hand technique has been skipped. Premade fans are ready-made volume lash fans.

One premade fan can consist of 2-20 lash fibres and therefore they are also called 2D-20D premade fans. D’s are indicating the amount of hair in a fan. They are created by eyelash factories with the help of machinery and factory workers and sold by eyelash suppliers. Premade fans come in a tray where they are neatly attached on sticker strips. Eyelash technicians can use them the same way as they would use classic eyelash extensions. Premade fans as any other eyelash extensions come in a variety of thicknesses, curls and lengths.

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premade fans

Is it ok to use premade fans lashes?

Whether or not to use premade fans lashes has always been a heated topic among lash artists.

Many professional lash artists do not approve of premade fans since they learnt the hard way how to make volume lashes by themself. This is understandable.

But, in the end, isn’t it true that a satisfied customer is all that matters?

Nobody can really see if the fan was created by a skilled lash pro or premade fans were used. You can make volume fans by hand or you can use pre-made fans to save time and effort, especially if you’re a newer artist. Either way volume lashes offer a full and fluffy look for your clients.

Are premade fans lash extensions bad?

Despite the fact that premade fans lash extensions have been criticized for their poor quality at times, the lash industry keeps leaning towards premade fans.

It’s been a long time since premade fans were released to the market, and the premade fans available now are very much different from those offered a decade ago.

They’ve developed so much with the most recent technologies. Many highly respected volume lash educators have also recently launched new product lines for premade lashes under their reputable brands. Now there are numerous new types and dimensions (from 2D to 20D!) and diameters (0.03 to 0.10) made of a variety of high-quality materials (faux mink, silk etc). Many of them seem to be almost identical to the handcrafted fans (sometimes even more perfect with their flawless symmetry, spacing and a tiny base).

What are the benefits of premade fans lashes?

The time saved.
Using pre made fans saves your and your customers’ time since a full set done with premade volume fans will take the same amount of time as a set of classic lashes as the applying technique is the same.

Less stress on the body.
When using premade fans, the eyelash technician does not have to strain her eyes as much
as creating handmade fans out of extremely thin fibres and the body may be in a more comfortable and relaxed posture.

These fans are also ideal for clients who have difficulties lying down for a long time (people with a bad back or other medical conditions).

Volume lash training is not necessary.
Pre made fans are perfect for lash artists who have not yet taken volume training but wish to offer volume lashes and other new, more luxurious services.
Pre made fans are also great for lash artists who are trained in volume but take too long during application time or are not quite able yet to make perfect symmetrical fans yet.

Increasing income with new services.
With different types of premade fans, it is possible to achieve various lash looks from hybrid to mega volume. More luxurious services attract more clients and increase income.

No more closed fans!
Have you ever noticed that clients with oily skin tend to return for infills with closed fans?
This is no longer the case with premade fans!

Premade fans vs promade fans vs premade russian fans vs premade volume fans?

Known by many different names as different producers have named them differently. It has all the same meaning.

How to use premade fan lashes?

Applying premade volume fans to natural lashes is similar to classic ones because the premade fan bases are already firmly bonded.

Simply choose the fan you wish to use and attach it to your client’s natural lash like you would a single lash extension. One premade fan is placed on one of the client’s natural lashes.

How do you place premade fan extensions?

Premade volume fan extensions are applied like classic individual lashes.

This is how you attach premade fans:
Open the tray of premade fans and pick up one fan with your tweezers.
Dip the narrow end of the fan gently into lash glue.
Attach the fan above, below or to the side of one natural lash of the client.

Is it hard to learn volume lash extensions?

A lot of lash artists struggle to create those flawless, full-looking volume sets.
For many lash experts, this feels like going through the beginner’s eyelash training all over again. It takes lots of training and talent to form handmade fans. It can take MONTHS to master the volume eyelash technique as it is a very delicate and much more intricate procedure than classic extensions.

You have to practice controlling the teeny lashes and shaping your fans. You should also learn how to use the right amount of glue so that you do not strain your client’s lashes.
This procedure has stumped even the most talented and experienced lash artists as it requires absolute precision. Mastering the volume technique is time-consuming, complex, and can be very frustrating. Luckily there are pre-fanned lashes!

How do I get better and faster at volume lashes?

For whatever reason, some days are harder than others when it comes to creating volume fans. It can be extremely upsetting.

If you’re having trouble creating volume fans by yourself, you may want to consider purchasing readymade volume fans. Using premade fans (that are already fanned) is just like a lifesaver for struggling technicians.

What kind of looks can be created with premade fans?

You may simply create a variety of looks using premade fans, from hybrid to mega volume sets. The benefit of having so many size and diameter choices is that you can now customize lashes any way you want without damaging your clients’ natural lashes.

It’s strongly recommended that you use two different types at least, for short and weak baby lashes (Anagen) and average or stronger, tall lashes (Catagen & Telogen); Create light and fluffy appearances with 2D to 4D lashes, or glamorous and thick mega volume looks with 5D to 10D lashes. Create a wispy Kim K look by combining premade fans with classic lashes or use mixed length premade fans or hybrid fans for this! It’s really all up to you and how far your creativity takes you!

How to Choose the Right Premade Lash Fans?

First, decide on the look you wish to achieve using premade volume fans.
Whether you want fluffy lashes or a more defined eyeliner volume appearance, there are many premade lash fans to help you achieve your desired look.

When doing lashes, the suitable lash extensions are selected following the desires of the client, eye model, and characteristics of natural lashes.

The more fragile the client’s natural lashes are, the thinner and lighter lash fibres should be used. If the client’s own lashes have gaps, the spaces may be filled with fans containing multiple fibres.

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Below you find our guide for choosing the best premade lash fans.

For a client wishing for a more natural look, 2D Volume Lashes and 3D Volume Lashes will give the desired outcome.
For more fluffy 4D and 5D are suitable.
10D volume lashes for a more dramatic look.
Are you after the trendy LA mega volume style?
Mega volume requires 10D of 0.03-0.05 super fine thickness lashes. Originally only available for handmade volumes but now you can easily create Mega volume style with products from Volume 10D Lash in thickness 0.03 and 0.05.
From our wide range, you’ll find premade fans for every style and desire! The curl type can be chosen between a very curly D curl and a more natural J/C curl. The available thicknesses are 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.085, 0.07 and 0.10 mm. The fibre lengths go all the way from 8 mm to even 16 mm.

Short stem Wide Fans VS Long stem Narrow Fans?

Short stem Wide Fans

Wide Fans have smaller connection points with a shorter pointy base, and fans are open more widely than Narrow Fans. Wide fans have approx. 1.5 mm – 2 mm between each extension and regular fans approx. 1 mm.

Wide fans visibly give a fluffier, softer and more voluminous feathery overall look. However, wide fans may lack uniformity and therefore can look a bit messy. Wide fans are great for customers who have fewer natural lashes. They are best for filling gaps between sparse natural lashes.

Long stem narrow fans

Long Stem Premade Fans have a long base that forms a rich and thick appearance, similar to black eyeliner. They are easier to apply, similar to classic lashes, making them an excellent choice for those just getting started with premade fans. Narrow fans are ideal for those who have a lot of natural lashes. If you are dealing with a client who has a lot of natural lashes, this is the perfect choice to go with since it will certainly provide excellent volume and darkness at the base and tip.

Narrow fans will make the lashes seem thicker and longer. Long stem narrow fans have longer stems, which provide a wider bonding surface for the lashes than short stem wide fans. Therefore, narrow fans might offer somewhat better retention.

What Tweezers Do You Need For Premade Fans?

You don’t have to choose any special tweezers for premade fans. Simply use your favourite one.

How to Pick Up Premade Fans? How to use pre-made fans?

Open the tray and choose the fans. Now remove the sticker strip and use your favourite tweezers for removing the fan from the sticker strip.

Pick up the fan gently from the middle of the stem and detach the fan from the sticker strip. Never pull the fan directly- it will make the fan fall apart!

How long do premade fans last?

Quality premade fans will have the same retention as handmade volume lashes or classic lashes if applied correctly.
Eyelash extensions usually last 2-4 weeks before needing a refill.
How long extensions look good and full depends on lots of factors:

  • How quickly do clients’ natural lashes grow
  • What kind of eyelash extensions were used, and the quality of extensions.
  • Attachment technique
  • The type of lash glue used and the humidity of the room
  • Care and maintenance of eyelash extensions


  • Make sure each natural lash is properly isolated. Attaching a fan to several lashes may cause severe lash damage.
  • Ensure you use the right amount of glue. Too little will cause weak retention while too much will cause the lashes to stick together.
  • Only the bottom 2-3 mm of the fan should be dipped in the glue.
  • During the application, dispense a new drop of glue every 30 minutes.
  • Make sure the base attachment is at least 3 mm long, with no gaps between the natural lash and the extension.
  • Make sure your glue is new (i.e., it was opened within the past four weeks) and keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If the adhesive gets old, it will become stringy and won’t stick properly to your client’s lashes.
  • Using a hygrometer, check the temperature and humidity in your room to ensure it is always within the required range. Control the temperature and humidity using a humidifier, dehumidifier, fan, air conditioner, or heater as needed.
  • Before using your adhesive, give it a good shake for at least 30 seconds