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Fluffy Lashes
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 22 reviews
by linda on Fluffy Lashes

very nice customer service!

by Olivia on Fluffy Lashes

I love your lashes as it saves me so much time with volume

by Monica on Fluffy Lashes

You guys are wonderful to work with.
Thank you for the amazing customer service you provide.

by stella on Fluffy Lashes

My clients are so happy with fluffy lashes!

by Ashley B on Fluffy Lashes

So I just recently switched lashes and I'm so glad I did. Previously I was using 2D pre made fans that were bonded together with glue. My clients were happy with the lashes but I was on the hunt for better ones...and I found them. My clients LOVE these lashes so much more. I am so happy I found these they are light, soft and fluffy, it's actually hard to tell if they are real lashes or extensions. My clients are also telling me that they last longer.

by Manuela on Fluffy Lashes

I love your brand!

by Kim on Fluffy Lashes

Thank you so much for the great customer service!

by Kelly on Fluffy Lashes

The best I've seen. I used these when I first started learning volume. They make 2-5D fan not glued. So grabbing them is the same as making your own fans.

by Madison on Fluffy Lashes

my clients love them! 😍

by Joelle on Fluffy Lashes

I love your fans with no glue. They are perfect!!!!

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