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We are proud to introduce a brand new style of eyelash extensions that just entered the market – Fluffy Lashes PreMade Fans – Volume Eyelash Extensions! High-grade Fluffy Lashes 2D (Y Lash), 3D Lashes (W Lash), 4D, 5D and 10D Mega Volume Lashes are the latest advanced development in eyelash technology (also called Russian Volume Lashes and Hollywood Lashes). Our premade fans will give your clients luxuriously full, feathery-soft, fluffy, and glamorous, but natural looking voluminous sets of eyelashes!

Fluffy Lashes 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 10D Lash is a modified eyelash design for Volume Lashes (also called pre-made volume fans). One lash consists of two (2) three (3) four (4) five (5) or ten (10) ultra-thin and extremely lightweight pre-fanned lashes carefully arranged on the sticker strip for easy pick-up and quick application. Our premade fans are KNOT-FREE and come in GLUE-FREE (no glue will be added to the bottom of the fan roots) or GLUED (fans glued together at the base in 1 piece) options. You can select D or C curl volume eyelash extensions.

volume eyelash extensions

Length: 8 mm – 16 mm
Curl type: C, D, J
Thickness: 0.03, 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm, 0.07 mm, 0.085 mm and 0.10 mm
Glued or Glue-Free fans

2D Premade Fans | 2D Volume Eyelash Extensions (Y lashes)

2D Volume Eyelash Extensions

3D Premade Fans | 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions (W lashes)

3D Eyelash Extensions

4D Premade Fans | 4D Volume Eyelash Extensions

4D Eyelash Extensions

5D Premade Fans | 5D Volume Eyelash Extensions

5D Eyelash Extensions

10D Premade Fans | Mega Volume Lashes

mega volume eyelash extensions

Easy Fan Lashes – Self Fanning Lashes

3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Rootless Wide Fans

wide pre made fans

4D Volume Eyelash Extensions Rootless Wide Fans

pre made rootless wide fans

5D Volume Eyelash Extensions Rootless Wide Fans

5D volume rootless wide fans

5D Multi-Length Fans

5D Multi Length Fan

5D Hybrid Fans


Please watch the instructional video below to see the correct way of detaching the glue-free version of W-lashes from the sticker strips.

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes are great for fast and extremely fluffy lashes – they are the absolute ultimate in voluminous lashes.
Best used for a fullest dark look.  10D Mega Volume Premade Fans gives eyelashes the appearance of intense volume and creates that wispy look clients love.

NEW 10D 0.03mm Mega Volume Lash fans consist of 10 single Super Fine volume lashes (diameter 0.03 mm)
Megavolume Lash Extensions can be safely used to create fullness and a dark lash line, even on sparse lash clients. 10D fan is glued to one natural lash, turning one lash into 10 lashes! Perfect for the lightweight, full appearance.
One 10D fan lash = 10 x 0.03 mm = 1 x 0.18 mm

Pre-Made Hybrid Fans

Fluffy Lashes 5D Hybrid Pre-Made Fans are combined of four 0.07mm and one 0.15mm lashes. The thickest 0.15mm lash is on the middle and two 0.07mm lashes are on both side. The hybrid fans are well suited for clients who are used to classic eyelash extensions but only want a little more volume. Hybrid lashes are really popular with a number of public figures, such as the Kardashian. The hybrid eyelashes combine classic & volume worlds.

Can I use your premade fans 2D 3D 4D 5D eyelash extension in place of standard volume eyelash extensions?

Fluffy Lashes 2D Lashes comes in 0.07 mm and 0.10 mm diameter. 3D in 0.07 mm, 0.085 mm and 0.10 mm. 4D in 0.05 and 0.07 mm. 5D in 0.05 mm and 0.06 mm diameters. That means our lashes are the same thickness used for the volume lash technique. They can be easily applied to your clients who want the volume eyelash extensions. There is no extra effort needed. No need to spend time making “fans” – we have already done that for you!

Mastering the volume technique is time-consuming, difficult, and can be very frustrating. This procedure has stumped even the most talented and experienced lash artists because it requires absolute precision. For many lash experts, this feels like going through the beginner’s eyelash training all over again. It can take MONTHS to master the volume eyelash technique because it is a very delicate and much more intricate procedure than classic extensions

Worry no more! Now help is here! You can skip the long and arduous path of learning the volume technique. Save time and start offering russian volume eyelash extensions to your clients today using our Fluffy Lashes Pre Made Fans!

You don’t need any special volume eyelash training. Our premade fans 2D, 3D 4D and 5D Hollywood Lashes are suitable for everyone! If you know how to apply a regular 1:1 eyelash extension, using 2D – 5D Lashes will be a breeze. It’s the same 1:1 technique, but with volume eyelash results – full and enhanced lash line that appear fluffy and soft without damaging your clients’ natural lashes. They might even look prettier than hand made, on-the-spot volume lash extensions because our lash fans are symmetrical and evenly spaced. Even the best-trained volume lash technician cannot compete with our perfectly spaced lash fans. We guarantee that you and your clients will fall in love instantly with our Fluffy Lashes!

What are the benefits of Fluffy Lashes PreMade Fans Y Lash W Lash and 3D 4D 5D eyelash extensions?

– The look:

Our lashes will give your clients luxuriously full, feathery-soft, fluffy, and glamorous, but natural looking sets of eyelashes even if they have naturally sparse and fine lashes. Our PreMade Fans are ultra-thin and come in 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm, 0.07 mm, 0.085 mm and 0.10 mm diameters. They are perfect for clients who desire natural-looking lashes with lots of volume.

Pre-made Fluffy Fans are fluffier and softer to the touch than classic eyelash extensions. They are great for clients who want voluminous sets of eyelashes that look natural.

One-on-one application to clients with naturally sparse lashes can end up looking ‘spidery’ and unnatural. Adding length to thin lashes can accentuate the distance between them, which, in turn, make the lashes seem further apart. The majority of clients want a boost in length and volume. Our revolutionary Pre-fanned Fluffy Lashes make that happen!

Prior to the volume eyelash extensions, technicians could only safely attach one lash extension to one natural lash. The traditional technique cannot help clients with naturally sparse lashes achieve that full and glamorous look.

Fluffy Lashes Pre-fanned lash sets allow you to give your lash-challenged clients that boost in lash volume they’ve always wanted!

One Pre-fanned 2D – 5D consists of two (2) to five (5) superfine lashes, which can be safely applied to one individual eyelash. Pre-fanned russian volume lash will create such a luxuriously full and fluffy look it would seem like your clients are genetically blessed with amazing lashes.

– The feel:

Fluffy Lashes Pre-fanned Volume Lashes are feathery-soft and extremely lightweight. Our lashes will not irritate or damage the natural lashes of your clients. Pre-fanned Volume Lashes are fluffier, lighter, stronger, and softer to the touch than classic eyelash extension lashes. Fluffy Lashes Pre-fanned Volume Lashes are more flexible and places less strain on the natural lash. They feel lighter and more comfortable than traditional lash extensions your clients won’t even feel they have them on.

How long do they last?

Fluffy Lashes Pre-fanned Hollywood Volume Eyelashes Extensions are stronger and lasts longer because of the larger bond area. The fans are applied together giving a simultaneous bond between the lash extensions and natural lash of your clients. This procedure provides a stronger bond with less glue. The Pre-fanned Volume Lashes are exceptionally lightweight that they are better for natural eyelashes. With proper care, Fluffy Lashes Pre-fanned Volume Lashes will last a lot longer than classic eyelash extensions. Your clients will have 5 times more the amount of lash extensions per eye! Our light and ultra-thin Pre-fanned Volume Lashes are known to last from 3-7 weeks.

Won’t attaching 2D, 3D, 4D 5D pre made fans harm the natural lashes?

No, it will not harm the natural lashes. Before the volume technique, lash technicians were discouraged from attaching more than one extension onto one natural lash. This is because it would put too much strain and weigh down the lash compromising its health over time. The Premade fans utilize the super fine and ultra-thin 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm and 0.07 mm diameter lashes to make attaching 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D pre-fanned extensions possible without damaging the natural lashes.

Fluffy Lashes Pre-fanned Volume Lashes are also ideal for clients with sparse, thin, short, fragile, and damaged lashes. You can now help your clients achieve a fuller look without doing damage to their natural lashes. Less glue is also better for the natural lashes and you will find that you need a significantly lesser amount of adhesive with our Pre-fanned Russian Volume Lashes.

What is the mathematics behind 2D to 5D Lashes?

Here is a mathematical equation to prove that our Fluffy Lashes 2D 3D 4D and 5D Lashes put no more, and in some cases, less strain on the natural lashes than classical eyelash extensions.

1 classic eyelash extension (0.20mm) = 7x (0.07mm)

3D lashes = 3x 0.07 mm

4D lashes= 4x 0.07 mm

5D lashes= 5x 0.07 mm

It’s clear that Fluffy Lashes 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D Pre-fanned Volume Eyelash Extensions are actually lighter and stronger than the standard (0.20mm) single eyelash extensions after calculating lash weights and bond area for eyelash extensions of the same length and curl profile.

How do you apply Russian Volume Lashes Lashes?

2D 3D 4D 5D Pre-fanned Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are applied the same way you apply regular 1:1 eyelash extensions. This product is perfect for any lash technician who has passed their standard eyelash extensions training.

Can pre-fanned 2D-5D Lashes speed up the application of volume extensions?

Absolutely! You get 2-5 times the volume in half the time! 2-5 pre-fanned lash extensions are individually placed on the sticker strips for quick and easy pickup and application. You get about 200-500 eyelash extensions on each eye with the full set of 2D/3D/4D/5D Lashes rather than the regular 80-100 extensions with the classic 1:1 lash extension technique. One (1) 3D-Lash gives the effect of three (3) and so on. Fluffy Lashes 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D Lash is an excellent choice to speed up the application of the volume technique.

What are Rootless Wide Fans?

Fluffy Lashes Rootless Wide Fans are more open than regular fans and therefore our wide fans will create a soft and feathery overall look. Our wide fans have very small bottom at lash connection point and therefore they connect with natural lash very well and look natural on eyes. Our rootless wide fans are heat bonded so there are no glue. 

Wide Fans VS Narrow Fans?

Our Rootless Wide Fans have much smaller connection point and fans are open more widely versus Narrow Fans. Wide fans have approx. 1.5 mm – 2 mm between each extensions and Narrow Fans approx. 1 mm. Narrow fans create more dense look and Wide fans more fluffy overall look.

How do I choose Fluffy Hollywood Lashes between 0.05 mm, 0.06 mm, 0.07 mm, 0.085 and 0.10 mm thickness?

We recommend

2D-lashes in thickness 0.07 and 0.10 mm

3D-lashes in thickness 0.07 and 0.085 mm

4D-lashes in thickness 0.05 mm

…for your clients who want the natural, everyday look. This option is perfect for those who want to wear lash extensions daily and continuously for several years.

For a glamorous, red carpet look we recommend:

3D-lashes in thickness 0.10 mm

4D-lashes in thickness 0.07 mm

5D-lashes in thickness 0.06 and 0.07 mm

This option will give your clients that WOW factor. We do not recommend using this to clients, whose natural lashes are weak, for long periods of time.

Still unsure? If your clients want a bit of ”oomph” without looking too overly done then go on ahead and mix it up!

You can easily combine 0.05mm, 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.085mm and 0.10mm 2D – 5D Lashes. Place thicker extensions on the stronger lashes and thinner extensions on the weaker lashes. Now your clients can get a perfectly made-up look without adding too much strain or further giving damage to their natural lashes. This is also perfect for use with classical eyelash extensions for filling gaps in the lash line.

Whatever your lash look preference, Fluffy Lashes are suitable for everyday wear and a real treat on special occasions.

Fluffy Lashes Russian Pre-fanned Volume eyelash extension is perfect for the busy lifestyle, special functions and events, weddings, filming, photography, or everyday general use.

We guarantee that you will fall in love instantly with our pre-fanned volume eyelash extensions

Order your light and fluffy gorgeous Fluffy Lashes extensions now from here!

volume eyelash extensions